All right guys… I found out why they named themselves “PillowProfits”
Because they’re asleep! While their clients business is hurting.
So today I had to refund four customers ($360) because they received fake tracking numbers. This is only so far… I might get more in the near future from the approximately 50 orders I had of PillowProfit products.
One of the orders is even second time they give me an invalid or fake tracking number.

I think PillowProfits are willing to refund from their end as well, which would be about $180. So now I have to

  • Refund the markup from my own pocket
  • Facebook are not going to refund the ad spend which is $25-$35 pr sale
  • Paypal will put a fee on the refund
  • it’s risky to have too many refunds on Paypal. If too many, they will limit your account
  • I now have customers calling my store a “scam” so the stores reputation will be worse
  • I can’t get back the xtra time I put in to these refunds

Is this worth it?
Hell no.

The customer support don’t even explain what is going on.
They’re slacking¬†and you shouldn’t accept that. Business is serious.
Thanks for reading.
Jonas, the digital spartan



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