The "Amazon" of Nanomaterials

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I am Jonas Preisler, a 29 year young Ruby on Rails developer from Denmark specialized in modern backends, marketplaces, chatbots and APIs.
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“Making the Nanomaterials market searchable.”

1 gram of graphene. Graphene is the strongest material in the world – 200 times stronger than steel.

If you know a bit about how nanotechnology is developed, you probably know that it’s made up of tiny materials consisting of multiple variants such as length, purity, weight, diameter, and so on.
The market for nanomaterials is obviously growing in line with nanotech with more sellers and more materials, so I would only foresee a more complex and foggy market, when developers, scientists, etc would buy nanomaterials.
Fx XF nano have hundreds of products on their website, and trust me – it’s a mess! Go figure.
So what about a marketplace that makes it easy to list nanomaterials with any variant, and make it easy for buyers to search through them via a nice looking UI?

A marketplace where sellers can create an account, list their products, take orders, automatically send invoices, etc.
It can also be used for general interest and students who want to learn about nanotechnology and nanoscience.

That’s exactly the problem I set myself up to solve; had the idea back in december 2016, and that was my motivation to learn programming. I mean, why pay someone $5k or more to do it, when I can learn it myself and get the exact marketplace that I’m dreaming of? Yes, it took a while to learn programming, mostly because my Facebook ads business got in the way. But the last month I’ve been programming daily in Ruby on Rails, and skills have gotten much better, and Nanodex is the result of it.

There’s definitely still a long way to go… both in marketing efforts and web development.┬áBut the motivation is strong and vision longsighted.
The next milestones for Nanodex in no particular order:

  1. List all products of XF nano (I have their consent).
  2. Get consent from 2 other sellers to list their products and then list them.
  3. Payment and invoicing system.
  4. SEO work
  5. Read this massive book about nanomaterials:


Thanks for reading!
– Jonas Preisler
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