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Imagine walking around in any city inany country, opening up your phone, and then being able to satisfy any sexual¬†need you might have, with any type of asian woman, with guaranteed satisfaction. That was something I thought was needed in this world, and that’s why I started building JoopStar last year.

  • There are now 700+ massages places on JoopStar.
  • Averaging 100-300 visits pr day.
  • Number of reviews are growing.

Didn’t touch the site for about 9 months, still the traffic and reviews keep coming.

Began working on this site in fall/winter of 2016, first under the name of JoopGirls, then changed it to Joopstar.

My goal was to enable people to find exactly the type of masseuse and service they desire, by creating the worlds largest online site + mobile apps of asian masseuses and escorts, where people can read and give reviews and book directly.
Not just that. It would also give more independence to the escorts/masseuses, since they wouldn’t any longer have to be tied to an agency or any company, plus all bookings are being tracked, which means a higher security for them.

Was inspired by chinese “Come Rent Me”, where customers can book individual masseuses/escorts directly in the app.

There are hundreds of thousands of asian masseuses in the world and I see a huge potential here, which seems to play out well, although they have just begun.

A lot of clicks sent out to the individual massage places:

I estimate expanding this business by developing the mobile app(s) would cost around $10-$20k and 500-1000 hours of manually researching and adding new massage places in order to increase traffic to the app.
But I moved focus to Messenger marketing, so the site is now sold.

Thank you for reading!
My name is Jonas Preisler and I am a web developer. Please visit my personal website.


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