Instagram: "Username Not Available" (How To Get It Anyway)


The best username is taken, but it’s but being used.
This is a problem for so many people and many tears is shed because of it.

username taken
Instagram username taken

I have a webservice with a cool name. I want to market it on Instagram.
But the username is taken, and only two images is uploaded 223 weeks ago…
I’ve researched the web for answers, and the best methods for getting an unavailable username from Instagram that’s not being used is…

1Ask the owner

The most simple way. This is only possible if you can get the contact information.

I tried to get contact information on the guy who owns the username I want, but this is all I got:
Could spend a little time trying to find and researching the Facebook accounts of the two people that liked and commented on the users two photos.
Yes, I’ve tried Google reverse image search too, and really can’t find any email service with that starts with ‘e’ and contains 7 letters, as in the image above.
If you manage to get in contact with him/her, it is entirely up to that person what to do with the username.

2Apply for a Trademark

If you’re serious about Instagram, then this is the best solution. If you’re not serious, this is probably not fo you (maybe the username isn’t that important to you after all).
A trademark costs, as far as I know, about $1,800-$2,000 and I’m planning to apply for it next year. Then I’ll have a much better chance at getting the Instagram account AND the .com domain name 🙂

3Hack the account

Let’s just say I never wrote this 🙂
But really… if the account hasn’t been used for over a year, then there is a good chance that the owner won’t even notice, if someone else takes over the accoun.
Find the email of the owner and then find out the rest yourself… malware, new simcard, etc.
That’s it guys, thank you for reading!




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