How To Create A Hub Article For 5x More Traffic

1 Hub Article + 20 Sub Articles = Traffic


The information in this article is 100% notes from Sumome’s article The Bulletproof Guide to Making One Article Work 5x Harder For You.
If you want to be smart about driving traffic to one page, this is an excellent and effective quick guide that can bring you in a lot more dollars than before.
The basic gist of it is this:
Create one 1500-400 word-article (hub article) and then take 5-25 specific points from it and turn those points into shorter articles (sub articles), that all links back to your hub article.
The hub article are, of course, published on your own site, and the sub articles are posted as guest articles on other peoples sites (except those with high SEO value – keep them for your own site).
You can expect to put in 20-45 hours on your hub article.
But before you actually write it, you need to put in research on the topic.

1. Research

Hub articles 4

  • Search google adwords for keywords
  • Search Quora and see what is most popular in the topic you want to write about
  • Search the 2-3 star reviews on Amazon to see what people are complaining about

Take your time, and write the most epic hub article to an audience you want to attract.

2. Brainstorm Sub Article Ideas

hub article 3
When your hub article is written, it’s time for brainstorming sub article ideas.
If you’ve written it with different sections, you can take each section and do more research on it and then write a sub article to it – like an extension.
If you have difficulties coming up with ideas, then use these words and see if they help you come up with ideas:

  • WHO (example: 7 Celebs Who Use This Product Daily”)
  • WHAT (example: “What Is Inside Golf Balls?”)
  • WHERE (example: “Beautiful Spots In The Philippines Where You Can Take Wedding Photos”)
  • WHEN (example: “This Is What Happens When You Take An Overdose Of Modafinil”)
  • WHY (example: “Why Modafinil Is Better Than Adderal”)
  • HOW (example: “How To Build An Online Business In 8 Weeks”)

3. Get Sub Articles Published On Others Blogs

hub articles 2
Ok, getting your article published on another blog, fx or is not for everyone.
You have to do a bit of detailed research first.
Think about this:

  • they probably get several guest-post requests everyday
  • they want to keep their traffic coming, hence it has to be relevant to THEIR audience
  • they want to grow their traffic, so it has to be high quality

So you have to first:

  1. Make a big list of relevant sites that accepts guest posting
  2. Pitch them with fx 3 ideas for a guest post. Make sure they know all the benefits from your guest post (engagement, relevance, quality, linking to their other articles, etc)
  3. Make a superb sub article so good, they will ask you for more

This article is just a few notes, and there are more important notes that you can read in Sumome’s own example of a hub article The Bulletproof Guide to Making One Article Work 5x Harder For You.
Print it, brew some coffee, read it and take notes. Then go write a hub article so good, that readers won’t ever have to read more about the topic again.


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