Yes it’s right guys… it’s actually (kind of) easy to download free text to speech from paid services such as and other similar sites.

Heres is a quick tutorial on how to download free text to speech:

1Download & Install Loopsmart (it’s free)

Loopback will install as a input device. Please ACCEPT it when prompted. Don’t worry. It’s a safe and trusted software.

2Download & Install Garageband (or similar audio software (FruityLoops, Logic Pro, etc))

3Adjust the Loopback settings

  1. Check “Loopback audio” on the left side of the Loopback window.
  2. Make sure “Monitor audio through” is checked
  3. Navigate to the volume button in the MacBook header and select “Loopback audio

4Adjust the GarageBand settings

  1. Go to “Garageband” in the top left corner
  2. Click “Preferences”
  3. Click “Audio” in the top of the window
  4. Next to “Inout Device”, make sure “Loopback Audio” is selected.

5Select “Loopback Audio” in “System preferences” -> “Audio” -> “Input”

6Hit “record” in GarageBand

  1. Hit “Record” in GarageBand
  2. Go to or any other text to speech website.
  3. Insert your text
  4. Hit “Play”
  5. Now the voice is recording in GarageBand, in high quality!
  6. After the recording the text to speech, go to “Share” in the top menu in GarageBand.
  7. Click “Export song to disk”
  8. Export as MP3

Note: Remember to revert the settings in “System Preferences” after you have the audio to be enable your microphone again!


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