How To Bypass iPhone 6 Apple ID Login (iOS flaw)


Yes I actually bypassed the Apple ID login screen on an iPhone 6!
bypass apple id
The method is inspired from a YouTube video, and the method seems to be based on randomness and luck.

The iPhone 6 have a vulnerability that only few know of.

I’m not sure if it’s is a surefire method, but it worked for me, and maybe it will work for you too.
First day it didn’t work, next day it still didn’t, but on third day, the iPhone 6 DIDN’T ASK FOR APPLE ID LOGIN!
Wow!. I seems random, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of this method.

1Restore the iPhone

  1. Simply connect the iPhone to iTunes (make sure the iPhone power is ON).
  2. Hold down the sleep and home button simultaneously.
  3. When the Apple-logo pops up on the screen, you let go of the sleep button, and KEEP PRESSING the home button.
  4. iTunes will now automatically guide you through the restoration (very simple proces).

2Make the iPhone tired and confused

When you’re in the Apple ID login-screen, write a random string of emojis and symbols.
This is an example:
This is how it looks on the screen:
Then copy/paste it about 10 times.
Then COPY/PASTE THIS WHOLE LONG STRING AGAIN about 10 times and make the iPhone really slow.
While you’re doing this, try to make the iphone more confused.
Fx click “next” sometimes / hold in the sleep-button / something else you can think of.
Restart it and do it again.
The below video is the one I followed:
(Remember; it was only until the day AFTER I did this, the iPhone skipped the Apple ID login screen)

3If nothing happens, try again

Restart the iPhone and do it all over again a couple of times.
If nothing happens, try again tomorrow, and again the day after tomorrow.
If you’re lucky like me, the iPhone might suddenly, out of the blue, not ask you for Apple ID login. No promises, but worth a try.
Good luck!

Signing off..
– the Digital Spartan


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