How I Get Home Buyer Leads For $3.76 With A Chatbot


I’ve been doing online marketing for about 6 years and not until 2017 did I go from amateur/wannabe to professional and began to revenue some real money.

I started dropshipping and went from 0-$73k in revenue in only 5 months with Facebook marketing.

After that, I transitioned into chatbots, started experimenting and built, custom coded dashboards for chatbots.

I wanted to take these skills – Facebook marketing, chatbots and programming – and apply them to one niche. I chose real estate.

In 3 days I was ready with ChatEstate, a FB page and a chatbot, and some ads.

The chatbot is capturing all the following data and sends it to ChatEstate.

  • name
  • email
  • area they want to live in
  • how many rooms
  • pets yes/no
  • budget
  • when they want to move in
  • what type of area; quiet/nightlife/education
  • apartment or house
  • purpose; to live/invest
The Facebook page
Excerpt of the Chatbot
Another excerpt of the Chatbot
One of the ads I ran


After one week I had spent $22.13 and got 6 leads.

Imagine spending 100x more in ads – $2,213 and 600 leads. And this is not even considering the ad optimization which would result in even more leads.


Facebook ad account
Leads I captured (danish language). A few of them is myself as I tested, but 6 of them are real leads.

See the leads LIVE here.

Do you need me to use this method for your real estate business? Click here or click the button below to contact me, and I’ll reply as fast as possible!

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