High Ticket Chatbot Clients With A Custom Chatfuel Backend Dashboard


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Are standard Chatfuel chatbots really suitable for high-ticket clients like McDonalds, Toyota and Starbucks?

I think not…

But with an additional backend system, it can easily be!

Not saying that you have clients of that big size, but high ticket chatbot clients naturally have higher demands in terms of functionality, and my best guess is that a standard Chatfuel/Manychat bot can’t meet the needs in terms of technicality. It needs to work with their system, it needs to send concert tickets, it needs to save more detailed data, etc.

That’s where a customised backend dashboard comes handy!

At BotPanels you can order your very own backend dashboard with login, security, analytics, uploading of files to send to your customers, and so on. It’s also a good way to create and store personalised files to send to customers – for example a concert ticket with the Messenger users name… or an image that your Messenger users have sent, etc.


Let’s dig in to a few of the magical things that a customised Chatfuel chatbot backend dashboard can do for you and/or your clients:


Instead of building a bot for one vendor, why not create one for 10, 20 or even 100 vendors? This is the perfect solution for large chains that wants to manage the advertisement at one department, with one bot, while the bot will smoothly distribute orders and data to the individual vendors.

All data will be saved in such a way that you can see statistics of users and sales across all vendors in your chain.

Location based

Let’s say you own a booking platform for freelance masseuses alá starofservice.com, but for massage. There are 100 masseuses registered on your platform and they’re located all over your country.

You live in X city, and as a customer you’d like to book a massage in your city, since that’s where you live.

So when you click on “book massage” in Messenger, of course it would only make sense for you to see masseuses in your city only. So when you click “book massage”, you’d be prompted to share your location, and then Chatfuel will call the customised backend apps API and get info from ONLY masseuses in your city, as a gallery with images, links, text and reviews.

Receipts, SMS, tickets, etc.

RECEIPT When your bot users, or your clients bot users buy stuff in the bot, would’t it be nice if the bot automatically sent the receipt directly in Messenger?
I think the customers would be delighted of such service – to get the receipt immediately, in the same place where he/she bought the product.

SMS – And how to notify the restaurant of the booking? How about having a SMS sent directly to the masseuse with all the booking details? Maybe both a SMS and email. But I’m sure the vendors/service people would find it practical with a SMS.

TICKET/COUPON – Or a customer is late – already on the way to the part or party and doesn’t have a ticket yet. He/she goes to Messenger and buy one and immediately receives the ticket in Messenger with his name on it. Now it’s easy available to show in the door, and if the doorman is in doubt of the legitimacy of the ticket, he can go to the auto-updated guestlist in your customised chatbot app.

Beautiful charts

The human brains can process a chart much easier than a list of numbers. Not because we think you’re stupid, but it just makes it all so much more nice.
You can also use charts and graphs to show your clients, if needed.

Example of chart by country.
Example of line chart.


Du you need a custom chatbot dashboard? Contact me at hello@jonaspreisler.com or go to BotPanels.com and order directly.


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