Guestlist Manager For Messenger Chatbots


If you are using Chatfuel and running bots for the event-industry, Tekuila might come in handy for your guestlists creating and other cool future implementations.
Watch the video guide or read the guide further down.

1Navigate to Create event

  1. Sign up and go to “Events & Guestlists.
  2. Click on the button “New Event”.

2Create event

3Navigate to “New guestlist”

4. Now the event is created, we can create a guestlist for it.

4Select event



5. Select the event the guestlist should be associated with.

7Navigate to “Events & Guestlists”

6. Click “Events & Guestlists” in the top right corner.

8Find guestlist_id and navigate to the bot

7. The event and guestlist now appear on the screen and you’ll see your guestlist_id. Write it down – you’ll need that for Chatfuel.
8. Click on the bot associated with the gueslist.

9Click “Edit bot”

9. (I deleted step 9)
10. Click the “Edit bot” button. It only displays on your own bots.

10Find your attribute values

11. In this example, the attribute values are “tekuila” for secret_code attribute, “2” for bot_id attribute and “1” for user_id attribute. Write them down. You’ll need them for Chatfuel along with your guestlist_id.

11Insert the attribute values in a Chatfuel block.

12. Go to your bot in Chatfuel. Add a “Setup user attribute” plugin and add the following attributes:

  • bot_id
  • user_id
  • secret_code
  • guestlist_id

Then insert the values that you wrote down before, in the right fields.

12Send the attribute values with JSON.

13. Add the “JSON” plugin and add the attributes again, including some default ones:

  • bot_id
  • user_id
  • secret_code
  • guestlist_id
  • first name
  • last name
  • gender

… and any other default attributes that you would like to include.


14. Make a simple button in the same block as the attributes and JSON plugin. Then open that block in Messenger and click the button!

14Check if it worked

15. Now your name should appear in the guestlist. If it didn’t work, it is almost certain because of wrong-spelling or that you didn’t add the correct attribute values.


16. Navigate to “Events & Guestlists”. You should now see the number “1” next to the guestlist name, which is the number of people that have signed up to the event so far.
Any questions? Please shoot me a mail at or use the form here.


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