Dropshipping Journey From Scratch Pt.1

Homepage of the new webshop (removed logo and product title so you can't spy on it hehehe)

All right guys.

So I am back in dropshipping.

Started from scratch, brand new, in June 2017 and stopped in October 2017 and in that period I grossed around $65k.

Then my Stripe account got suspended (forever), and my Paypal account got limited, plus I moved to Philippines and sales slowed down and I was losing money.

Then I decided to stop for a while.

Now I have a bit money in the bank (only a bit) to test a few ads.

So today I:

  • set up a new webshop with Shopify for $29
  • Spyed on a few other dropshipping sites and found one winning product (mini dashcam)
  • Copied everything (video, ad, images, copy)
  • Wrote a couple of fake reviews
  • Created five adsets for the product

Time spent = 5 hours.


That’s basically how I get kickstarted and (hopefully) get some sales quickly.


See you in part 2.


– Jonas

Digital Spartan