Dashboard For Real Estate Chatbot Clients


Difficulty = 3/10 (very easy)


1. Go to ChatEstate, sign up and add your properties.


2. Add the JSON api plugin with GET to the block you wish to display your properties

Insert ‘http://chatestate.herokuapp.com/api/users/user_id‘. (change ‘user_id’ with your actual user_id).


3. Add the Setup User Attribute plugin to your welcome message and add your ‘user_id’ and ‘secret’, so all users are assigned those attributes.

4. How to book a viewing of the property:

Add the JSON API plugin to the end of your bot-flow with POST and http://chatestate.herokuapp.com/api/leads as the link.

Add ‘property‘, ‘user_id‘, ‘secret‘, ‘first name‘ and ‘last name’ (and ’email’ and ‘phone’ if you want).

Make sure the user is already subscribed to a ‘property’ attribute (the property name – I suggest you use the property’s address as the property attribute).

5. Now the user can check out your properties and book a viewing. And you can see the leads + add/edit your properties.



Do you need your own customised dashboard for your chatbot that works with Chatfuel, Manychat or any other chatbot CMS?

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