How Crypto Currencies Turned My $3729 Into $9927 In 1 Month


To be fair… today is June 7th. And I invested my first $150 6 months ago – in the end of December 2016.
But I’ve gone investor-crazy by the beginning of May 2017 (a month ago), when found out about alt-coins.
Also, keep in mind that these $9,927 are the worth of my crypto currencies that I COULD sell for USD right now. So not actual USD, but other currencies.

In the cafe writing this article

Anyway, I invested $150 in Bitcoins in December and saw price raising and made my Bitcoins worth about $100 MORE after a few weeks.
“Wow!” I thought.. “could sell now for $100 profit… no work done! Just free money!”
But of course, $100 isn’t much. I am well aware of where I would have been now if I only invested in Bitcoins in 2009. So I decided to just invest $150 each month onward.
In the end of April I had about $750 invested and could sell at about $200 profit.
But as I learned more about the crypto currency market, I discovered alt-coins. There are literally 100’s of them!
Then I bought some Litecoins and Ethereum. Litecoins grew fast and then I sold at $150 profit. WOW! My first crypto-profit. Dollars in my pocket, no work done! That’s how I always imagined life to be.
Of course $150 still isn’t much… I’m in it for the big money! So re-invested them in other coins and began investing like $1000 in one transfer to other altcoins.
Here’s the coins I ended up invested in:
Bitshares (BTS)
Steem (STEEM)
Zcash (ZEC)
Augur (REP)
Peercoin (PPC)
The day that really took me by surprise was May 22th. I had about $400 worth of Zcash (9 Zcash coins). Then I looked at the chart and saw the price went up from $90 to $250! So now my 9 Zcash went from being worth $400 to being worth $1,100! Could sell then and literally make $700 just like that.

Now it’s price is at $288 and still haven’t sold.
I also invested $700 in Bitshares when it cost $0.035, and it’s now at $0.11, which makes my Bitshares worth more than $2,000.
This guys… is life!
Just checked my bank account for all transactions and calculated a total investment of $3,729 and all my coins are now worth $9,927.
The coin I’m most excited about is Bitshares. It’s still only $0.11 pr Bitshare and there are big plans and lots of money invested for projects that will create synergy around the coin and ultimately create more demand for it and raise the price.
Ok imagine this… (Remember I bought Bitshares 1 month ago at a price of $0.035, and it’s now $0.11. Tripled in price). So imagine you buy $1,000 worth of Bitshares today at $0.11. That’s about 9,090 Bitshares. Then you hold them for 1 year. Price go to $10. That’s 90x the value. So in this imaginary scenario your 9,090 Bitshares went up in value from $1,000 to $90,900.
It’s not that you can’t afford to invest, but rather you can’t afford not to invest. Seriously, this is a huge opportunity!
Invest at your own risk, but look at the charts. Almost all coins are going up and up and up. This is a golden time in crypto currencies. It’s like investing in Apple in the 90’s.
If you want to invest in Bitshares now at only $0.11 pr BTS (BTS = Bitshares), go to OpenLedger (danish startup) and buy. If you have any questions about how to do it, feel free to ask questions in the comments or email me at or in Telegram (the app) at +4542836608.

Best advice for beginner investors:

Play strategic, don’t let feelings take over. Keep a stoic mind and be patient.
This is not only my own short-term lesson learned, but also other investors advice.
Invest regularly, while learning the ins and outs (I’m still new and still learning). Don’t sell for quick and small profit.
Just because prices are going down, it doesn’t mean it won’t go up again.
Lots of people sold Bitcoins at an early time for a profit and thought they were smart. And look at the price now! Instead of profiting thousands, they could have been profiting millions!
Play for the long game!
I could sell my Augur last week at $25 and make profit. But today, a week later, price is above $30.
This market is still new and my guess is that it will grow MUCH bigger in the near future. So selling now is giving a small profit, compared to selling some 1-3 years from now which could give a LARGE profit.
All the best,
Jonas, the Digital Spartan


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