Client Dashboard For Chatfuel/Manychat (Event Management)

Let’s say you have a chatbot client.Your clients mission is to sell tickets and service to an event like a conference or a summit.

Maybe your client have several events planned.

A Norwegian event-software company wanted a white label chatbot solution, but a CMS was too much of a challenge to begin with.

So they reached out to me to build a simple CMS that they can integrate with larger CMS’s like Chatfuel and ManyChat, etc. and 5 full days later, this was the result.

Now they can give their clients control of their chatbots, while the company can charge more than Chatfuel Pro fees.

I recorded a quick walkthrough of the client dashboard here (feel free to go to the app and try it):


I also wrote a documentation that shows you how easy it is to integrate it with Chatfuel.

Do you need your own customised dashboard for your chatbot that works with Chatfuel, Manychat or any other chatbot CMS?

Your clients can edit the bot and see data without access to the CMS! ?

Go to BotPanels and check out more info, pricing and examples, or contact


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