Before you order your explainer video, learn about the different styles of animation

Today, companies have found the effectiveness of an explainer video to market their business. This is an engaging way of telling people what your company can do in a not so boring manner. It has even been found out that using such videos increases conversion to up to 20%. This means that the audience is more convinced to sign up with your site just by watching a simple glance of what your business can offer through these videos.

Deciding to take the explainer video as a part of your marketing strategy is already a plus. This means taking a step closer towards business success. However, before you go farther with your expectations, there is still some couple of things to think about. An explainer video come in different animation styles. Your goal is to find one that you think will help you best.

The Right Company

The explainer market is a jungle. There are sites like, and with loads of self proclaimed explainer companies. But who can you trust? Who are the right for your project? We actually made a site called VideoMakrs to remove this friction.

On VideoMakrs you can scroll through a bunch of companies, and click right to their website and see their work. Additionally, you can leave reviews (the site is just getting started, so very limited reviews for now).

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The Real Deal

Before jumping into the styles of explainer videos to choose from, you need to limit expectations first. Any type of explainer video has its own set of pros and cons of use which you should weigh first. Since this can be a very difficult task to win, there are just two basic things that will serve as a basis for your choice – style and cost.

The Animation Styles

There is an arsenal of choices of animation styles available. Consider the pros and the cons of each style linked with your own business need to find the perfect one to use.




The white board is probably the simplest animation style. It stands with its name as the whole video will actually rotate around a scene where a hand goes to draw in a whiteboard the signs you want to show.

The Pros: This style of animation is structured. The flow of ideas is often outlined and in an organized manner so that audiences will easily understand what the video conveys. Because of its simple form, it often goes straight to the point. There are basically no flowery words or any catchy graphics on the screen which makes it an effective attention drawing scheme.

Because of this, white board animation style is for mature audiences probably those in their mid-20s up.

The Cons: If creativity is what you are looking for, then this is not the animation style for you. The element of fun is completely stashed off as the colors are limited as well as the elements included in the video.

2Motion Graphic

This one is similar to white board animation style. The only difference is that there is no hand which draws the elements and words. Instead, it makes use of moving graphics to relay its message.

The Pros: It is more colorful than that of white board as you can add different font styles and elements to make the video look more enticing. But, it still does preserve the same advantages as white board in bringing a straight to the point message to anyone who views it.

This comes perfect for mature audiences who would want to see a little pop of color on the presentation to cut the monotony.

The Cons: This does not appeal to young audiences. Usually, young ones are all drawn by colors and catchy graphics.

32D Animation

This is said to be the most flexible among the different animation styles. This is because the elements can be customized to whatever you want. You can pour in color on the characters as much as you want.

The Pros: With the element of fun, this is really a good pick. It can be stretched to meet the imagination of the user with whatever choice of color and whatever shape and size of the elements one wishes to include. Plus, creating a video of this kind will usually take a short while compared to the time and effort spent on advanced animation styles.

The Cons: It goes merely as drawn images. It does not depict a life like picture.

You can order 2D animation at

43D Animation

A more advanced animation style than 2D is this 3D animation. It offers amazing quality in terms of its elements and offers a lot of options. Among the animation styles, this has the WOW factor.

The Pros: This is a really catchy style to take. 3D images have been popular nowadays and appeals to young audiences due to the almost life-like images it shows. Plus, compared to other explainer videos, having one in 3D will surely stand out. Not a lot of internet marketers have realized this plus which means that there is a great chance to lead the competition.

The Cons: The pitfall of using this type of animation is that it will take time to produce one. It has to go through with delicate planning, sketching, drawing and finally designing the elements in

3D before it can be dubbed. Plus, it demands of manpower which means that it will cost a lot to finish compared to simpler animation styles.


This is the most creative type of animation. It makes use of real clay models as elements of the video itself. This is an inviting type of animation which shows life like and creative models.

The Pros: It is a creative way to depict the ideas one wants to share. It is more flexible as the elements can be manipulated by hand to the way that it can help relay what the company wants to show. It is more inviting too as it looks almost life-like which is a sure hit to young generations who are drawn by colors and fun shapes. If your target market is the young ones, then this is perfect.

The Cons: This is the most expensive type of animation as it takes a lot of hands to complete a few seconds of videos. Plus, it will take a lot of time to finish as it works by frame. Some may even say that it is just too childish to choose this type of animation to draw customers.

How to Finally Choose?

Since the choices are overwhelming, you are left to decide on what you want your video to appear. Also, you need to think about the style that would best convey your message. For instance, if you are into finance businesses, you may find simpler presentations to be proper to draw attention from mature audiences. And lastly, there has to be the consideration of the budget to work only on the range that will suit the amount that your company is willing to pay.



By looking at the styles, you can clearly see that there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to conveying what you want to convey through explainer videos. There are so many options left to be availed which will entirely depend on your decision as a business owner. For as long as it fits your budget and that it can best explain what your business can do, then it is worth taking. Good news is, there are companies who are more than willing to help you achieve such purpose. All you have got to do is contact them and get your marketing strategies moving.



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