4 Ways To Make Money On Instagram


In this 5 minute article, I’ll explain to you exactly why now is the right timing to hit it hard on Instagram.
Markets come and go, and Instagram has already made it’s coming in a BIG way.
In 2015 they were already big with 300 million users, big still was popular enough to grow 100 million bigger.

So now we’re looking at 400 million monthly active users.

Or 75 million daily.
It’s no surprise that companies has included Instagram, when deciding budgets for online marketing.
Now is the time to hit it hard on Instagram!
In 2017 the iron probably won’t be as hot as it is right now.
Lots of people are making a living of posting photos on the platform, and it’s only the result of thousands of targeted followers.
The number of followers they have varies from a few thousand to millions.
First things when you get started:
Essentially, this is what you need to do:

  1. Get a good username
  2. Design a presentable account including your link.
  3. Upload photos regularly. Important; don’t post multiple photos at once, as this works against you. I like to post 1 a day. Use effective hashtags.
  4. Make better looking/funny/relevant photos.
  5. Engage people with comments and comment on others photos.

All right, enough talk… this is what you need to do, to make $ cash on instagram!
1 Become a Brand Ambassador
There are plenty of people making money as a brand ambassador on Instagram.
Being a brand ambassador involves you posting a photo based on the request of a brand.
If your theme on Instagram is fashion for women, the brand could send you an outfit they want to be promoted, and then you take a photo of it.
Here is an example of user @nanysklozet promotes @expressrunway.
brand ambassador
Anyone with 10.000+ followers can be a brand ambassador for companies.
You just need to gain the followers first, and then either;

  • brands reach out to you
  • you reach out to brands
  • you join one of the “middlemen” sites, such as one of the following:

An example of a brand ambassador is danish Anders Hemmingsen.
Anders Hemmingsen
He basically began of taking photos of his day, but gained no new followers.
Then he began taking funny photos during the day of things people can relate to, such as some guy with embarrasing clothes in the supermarket.
When he reached 54K followers and was hired by danish television DR.
Now he has 261K and almost all content are are user-generated.
2 Affiliate Marketing
If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing then imagine this;
You’re reading some interesting blog. In the blog, the writer recommends a product with a link directly to the products own sales page.
Because you like the writer, you trust that it’s a good product, and then you choose to buy.
Because you bought the product through the link the writer provided, the writer makes a small commission.
It’s exactly the same with Instagram.

  1. You buy some cool jeans from a webshop that offers affiliate links.
  2. You take a photo and post it to instagram and include that special affiliate link provided by the webshop.
  3. When your followers buy the jeans through YOUR link, YOU make a small commission.

Affiliate marketing is by far the most easy and simplest way of starting making money with Instagram, and you can get started right away!
But have patience – it will take time to build your Instagram audience!

Here are a couple of webshops that provides affiliate links (you can Google more):

Shorten Your Affiliate Link
After you got your affiliate links, they can be quite long.
Fx I got a link from a modafinil store that looks like this:
That link doesn’t look good on an Instagram account!
Instead, a little nice trick is to use an link shortener like goo.gl, so now the link looks like this:
Affiliate marketing for Instagram is a great way to start making money. It will require a large following though!
3 Start Your Own Business
To start your own business is the profitable thing you can do with Instagram.
Yes, it might take 6-18 more months to really take off, and there will be additional work (and investment) in it, but trust me, it will be worth it.
A simple solution would be to start affiliate marketing.
Another solution would be to start a webshop.
Example of a user that created a business from Instagram:
https://www.instagram.com/boss_homes/ (1.6 mio. followers)
and the same user with another account:
https://www.instagram.com/boss_goodlife/ (73.7K followers)
Their webshop: http://www.bosscollections.com/
You can easily see it’s a webshop they created after creating a huge following on Instagram.
What you need to do here:

  1. Determine what products you want to sell.
  2. Build the webshop/business first.
  3. Research what hashtags and what style you will use.
  4. Upload photos. Engage. Push it.

4. Sell Your Instagram Account
This is a secret way of making money on this social media platform.
Just like Facebook wouldn’t, I really don’t think Instagram would agree to let people do this, if they were asked.
But still, thanks to ViralAccounts and FameSwap it is possible and soon AccountDealer.
There you’ll see Instagram and Facebook accounts with 100,000+ followers for $500-$1,000.

Hey let’s be buddies on Instagram!
→ JonasPreisler


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