1000 Beat Productions + Music Video


Yesterday I was listening to my old music stuff on Soundcloud.
And I was amazed of how good it was. Wow, if I stuck to it, I’d probably be in Las Vegas working with Will.I.Am or and others on that level (at least that’s how I like to think of it).
Started as 16 years old producing beats in a beginner music software (forgot the name) and later learned Logic Pro. Also recorded my first rap song that year.
The 10 following years I produced 1000+ beats, wrote 100+ songs and performed with friends around in Denmark in popular locations, nightclubs and festivals such as Pumpehuset, Vig Festival and Rust. Also as introduction for popular danish artists such as DJ Kato and Suspekt.
Anyways… take a listen to some of the demos!

And then of course… the music video from back around 2010.